Dominican actress Katherine Castro attends NY Film Festival

New York.– Dominican actress Katherine Castro attended the premiere of “Casting By,” a documentary film directed by Tom Donahue and screened at the New York Film Festival.


“Casting By” traces the evolution of casting directors at one starting point, the late Marion Dougherty. The unspoken truth, of which the film delicately hints, is that the west coast simply had a surplus of gorgeous faces, many of whom followed the bright lights to Hollywood.


With an all-star collection of interviews from the likes of Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges, Robert De Niro and scores of other similarly huge names, “Casting By” zips past with boundless energy and sharp editing, an absolute pleasure for Hollywood hardcores and casual moviegoers alike.


With each passing year, the New York Film Festival becomes the forecast by which cinephiles plan the coming season. This year, in its 50th edition, the festival marked the departure of Richard Peña as the festival’s director, after a quarter-century in that position.


Article courtesy of Dominican Today.