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#Repost @conscious_collective with @repostapp. ??? repost @m_eye_nd - Many people waste their energy trying to prove that they are right and that others are wrong as a way to make them feel better about their way of thinking. This is the ego's need for validation and usually results in an argument that does not benefit either people. There is a difference between educating someone and being kind to them, and forcing your viewpoint on them while disrespecting their opinion. It is great to try to educate people, but if someone does not want to learn or listen to what you have to say, they aren't going to be open to being educated anyway. It is then best to just carry on and allow them to think what they think. You don't need validation from others to ensure that your path is right. You know that your path is right and that is good enough. If others acknowledge it too, great! But you do not need every person to agree with what you are doing, because if you are doing something exceptional and out of the ordinary, odds are that someone is going to disagree with you. Accept that and continue to live your life the way you believe you should live it. The warrior who trusts his path doesn't need to prove the other is wrong. He leads by example ? - #Trust #Yourself #Self #Believe #Ego #Mind #Warrior #PauloCoelho #Life #Path