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Today was one of those days that the energy around you seemed heightened, where, unlike anywhere else, the room was filled with people really rooting for each other, artists and dreamers, old souls, knowing that we are all in this together and that we need one another to be better as Artists and Human beings. The triumph of one is the celebration of the collective. In that room, I run into a fine actor I met years ago. Each time he put up a scene, I would stay and watch in silence and mesmerized of his immense talent, lHow his work would always move the entire studio. With such and aura, that you knew this wAs a special human being. and his talent was a gift. Everyone soon will get to experience what I'm talking about. With already a lot of #Oscarbuzz for his performance in the film #abrazodelaserpiente #embraceoftheserpent @brionnedavis will certainly remained engrained in you! It was so lovely to see you again my friend!!! #actors #artists #awardseason #Boa #celebration #filmindependent #independentfilms #spiritawards2016 #filmmakergrant #nomineebrunch @filmindependent @lizrodriguezemr @deigalan @zabalaaldia @violetartistry