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#Repost @starseedwisdom with @repostapp. ??? This is the age of the multidimensional self: the self who can move with awareness in many different realities; the self who can eventually bilocate and disappear; the self who can move into fourth-dimensional consciousness-the perceiver, not the thinker. It is the age of the self who understands that the thinking portion of the self is very important but that it is not to be the CEO of the physical body; it is to be an advisor. It is time to get moving. Let yourself move throughout your existence. Go with the flow. There are no coincidences. It is time to let yourself become one with the multidimensional aspects of self and portions of self that you have no idea exist. These aspects of self really do exist. They are connected to you and are using you, the standard bearer of your soul, as the vehicle of movement for light in this universe. Artist: @louisdyer